Our Weekly Ministries:

EPC Prayer Line:

At EPC, prayer chain is the spiritual alarm system which communicates and takes prayerful action on the needs of the congregation, community and global needs. Please join us in our Prayer Line on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM.

EPC Sunday School:

We have a parallel Sunday School where our children have systematic bible teaching and fun. Our Sunday School provides excellent instruction for children while parents attend the adult bible study. Teachers use a syllabus, which has a fun-filled, Bible-based, interactive curriculum to teach God’s Word step by step.

Children are a gift from the Lord. In Sunday School, they learn to love and value themselves and others around them; as well as to know, love, and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour at a young age.

EPC Youth Ministry:

Remember your creator in the days of your youth (Ecc. 12:1)
Our Youth Service helps the young people of our church in reaching their full potential in a relationship with God, their family, and the church. We give emphasis on spiritual growth through discipleship. Our means to achieve the best in the youth is through evangelism, worship, fellowship, and ministry.

EPC Women's Fellowship:

As Christian women, we have received Christ’s love, and His offer to help us through obstacles in life. We have received His Spirit and His guidance for our lives. We have opted to follow His will above our own, and to allow Him as first priority in our lives.
Because Christ has first priority in our lives, we are able to see the benefits of His presence in our personal lives.
We see the answers to our prayers, and we gain strength in Him during difficult times. God has destined us all for a life full of beauty, wonderful promises, and exquisite moments of happiness. Please join with us every other Tuesday evening at 7.00 PM.

EPC Young Adult Ministry :

The young adults and couples of EPC come together twice a month for fellowship, game night and simply form bonds and relationships with others at the same stage of life. They get together for spiritual uplifting and currently are going through the book of James. In these meetings, they pray for each other and discuss the secrets hidden within the Word. They gather to discuss about ways to provide leadership and guidance to the youth of the church.  Please come join us if you are age 18-40 and want to form friends and fellowship with other Christians while learning from the Word. 

Our Sister Churches
We have two sister churches in Texas.. Our mission is to help more people become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to be generous with the gospel and our resources to accomplish this mission. To be effective in this endeavor, we’ve chosen to expand our ministry to reach more people with the gospel by planting a new church. Two churches can reach more than just one church. As sister churches, we share a common mission, vision, and many of the same resources.

Visit Life Impact Church (EPC Austin) web site for more information and events. www.lifeimpactchurch.org 

Mission Activities: (Mission Fields in India )
EPC is committed to the spanning needs to extent the Kingdom of God in support. EPC Mission Board is monthly supports through our IPC affiliates churches throughout India. Please pray that God expand our mission territories and resources. God Bless!

Our Ministries

Ministries and aspects of the EPC

EPC Houston Church desires to provide opportunities for the entire family. Having a ministry that focuses on every age group from as early as birth to our Seniors ministry which is offered to all those over the age of fifty. 

Below you can find links to some of what we offer for each member of your family.